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Biodivervity in Bulgaria :: Scientific data

”Although Bulgaria is a relatively small country (110,912 sq. km), it is rich in biological diversity due to its highly varied climatic, geological, topographic and hydrologic conditions. These characteristics predetermine the occurrence of biota, consisting of 94 species of mammals, 383 birds, 36 reptiles, 16 amphibians, 207 Black Sea and freshwater fish, around 27,000 insects and other invertebrates, between 3,500 and 3,750 higher plant species and more than 6,500 lower plants and fungi. Thus Bulgaria country-region ranks among the countries of the greatest biological diversity in Europe.”


National Biodiversity
Conservation Strategy


Dragonflies in Bulgaria

Dragonflies in Bulgaria- the web site offers scientific data along with facts and events, which are attractive for everybody interested in the nature. A list of dragonfly species in Bulgaria is included, accompanied by photographs of each species. A Red List of dragonflies is also available. The web site is aimed at outlining the priorities of scientific research in this area such as precise species or subspecies identification, distribution in the country, proofs for reproduction over certain territories, ecological characteristics etc. An overview of the odonatology history in Bulgaria is presented along with detailed reference list. Author: Milen Marinov

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