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Programs & projects :: General Information

The database about Projects/Programmes in the field of biodiversity in Bulgaria forms a section of the general database about Experts, Institutions / Organizations, Projects/Programmes maintained by the Bulgarian CHM. The opportunities for searching the Projects/Programmes are by implementing organization, by main donor organization, and by themes.

Project and program search

Along with the searching opportunity for projects/programmes related to biodiversity the database also enables each organization to upload the information about its projects in Bulgarian and English languages, as well as to edit it if necessary. This is accomplished by registering, following the link "Registration" in the upper right corner of the site.

Procedure to up load the programmes and projects of your organization on the Bulgarian CHM

Owners of information for programmes/projects in the field of biodiversity, willing to use the opportunities for uploading on the Bulgarian CHM should register (from the upper right corner of the site), creating their own login name and password for the portal. You must enter valid e-mail address in order to be able to activate it, which is necessary for logging in for the first time. When you validate your e-mail and have your registration approved by administrator, you will be able to login using your login name and password. From there, you could generate a profile of your institution/organization in the Bulgarian CHM. Part of this profile forms the uploading of the programmes and projects implemented by your organization. One of the advantages of this scheme is the possibility to use this profile for promotion, as an online business card of your organization.

e-mail: nmihaylova@moew.government.bg
phone: (+ 359 2) 940 66 11, 940 66 43


Information on Donors' Priorities and Projects in the Environment Sector

Compiled on behalf of the Sub-working Group on Environment and Nature protection, established in the framework of the Donor Co-ordination in Bulgaria.

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