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Meta search :: META SEARCH

Meta search at national level

Bulgarian Clearing House Mechanism meta search instrument searches a meta database. This meta database stores information describing various information sources about biodiversity. Among these sources are also the information nodes of the Bulgarian CHM. Thus using the meta search instrument you may find all the available sources offering information on certain topic in which you are interested, without visiting the web sites of each information source one by one.

Meta search

HERE you can search the meta data in the field of biological diversity in Bulgaria, provided by different information sources.*

The options for searching the meta information are by:

§         Organization/institution

§         Language

§         Category

§         Key words,

using only one of these or a combination.


For example if you submit key words “Red-breasted goose", the application will provide a list of intermediate results, including all the metadata where the words “red-breasted" and “goose" are mentioned either separately or in a combination. These intermediate results cover the title of the information source, short summary, and the web site of the information source, so that by clicking it the program will connect you with the preferred web site.


* For obtaining complete search results, these web sites (the information sources) have to be registered and indexed in advance, with the aid of special software for meta data generation. Once the metadata have been generated, they can be searched in the meta database.


Detailed information about metadata, their generation, and the applications for meta data management, elaborated by the Bulgarian Clearing-House Mechanism on Biodiversity

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