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CHM initiatives :: BIODIVERSITY.BG

BIODIVERSITY.BG is a domain name, through which the information space related to biodiversity in Bulgaria has been structured. This structuring has been done in order to provide easy to remember and use Internet addresses, each of them corresponding to certain area of biological diversity in the country. Thus through BIODIVERSITY.BG and its sub-domains such as for example specialists.biodiversity.bg, access has been made possible to information about specialists (in the example given), as well as about institutions, organizations, funding, education, protected areas and GIS etc, all related to biodiversity in Bulgaria. The same information sources are available through other web sites over the Internet, but often the addresses of these web sites are difficult to remember and find.

The aim of the above-described initiative is to make the access to Internet based information and its exchange easier.

The main scheme of Internet space structuring and a short description of the information sources are provided below.

Bulgarian Biodiversity Portal


Bulgarian Biodiversity Portal offers access to the following information: all databases and web applications maintained by the Bulgarian Clearing House Mechanism (CHM); web sites of Bulgarian CHM information nodes; strategic and legislative documents in the field of biodiversity; and various types of other information about biodiversity.  



The web site provides access to a database of specialists working in the field of biodiversity in Bulgaria. It is part of the triple database: Specialists-Institutions/Organizations-Programs/Projects, maintained by the Bulgarian CHM. The information in the database is provided by the specialists themselves and each specialist profile is protected by a user name and password.



Projects and programs database offers possibilities for searching the information by implementing organization, by theme, and by donor. In addition there is an option for each organization or institution to submit information about their projects, both in Bulgarian and English, and to edit these data if necessary.



The web site provides access to a specialized application, offering search of the data about institutions and organizations which activities are related to biodiversity in Bulgaria. This is the third part of the database about Specialists-Institutions/Organizations-Programs/Projects. Each organization or institution may introduce information to the database.




This section of Bulgarian Biodiversity Portal provides detailed description of funding opportunities both in Bulgaria and at international level.

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