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CHM initiatives :: Partnerships

Bulgarian Clearing House Mechanism works in partnership with organizations which activities are focused on exchange of and access to information on the environment, nature and biological diversity conservation, and public awareness raising.
These partnerships are based on the concept for cooperation and joint efforts for achieving the common conservation goals, improved co-ordination and avoided duplication of activities, funds and information.

Partners at national level

The national partners of the Bulgarian CHM are the institutions and organizations functioning as information nodes to the CHM. They provide biodiversity related information. These are:

National Nature Protection Service – Ministry of Environment and Water

Agrienvironment Department Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

National Forestry Board – Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

BlueLink Information Network and the following non-governmental organizations:

Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds;

Bat Research and Protection Group;

Green Balkans

Environmental Organization “Rhodope"

Wilderness Fund;

Sofia University

Nature Education Conservation Node /Center 21 - Varna

Parks Association

Executive Environment Agency

BulBioNet- Bulgarian Academy of Science



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