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CHM initiatives :: Natural collections

Digitization and elaboration of data management system for three natural collections in Bulgaria

Bulgarian CHM initiated a program for gradual digitization and elaboration of data management system for three natural collections. The three collections are:

- The Herbarium at the Institute of Botany- BAS,

- The Botanical Garden- BAS;

- The National Museum of Natural History- BAS.


A project proposal has been prepared describing the necessary initial steps towards implementing the program. The overall objective of the project is to assist the institutions hosting the natural collections (Institute of Botany-Bulgarian Academy of Science (BAS), Botanical Garden-BAS and National Museum of Natural History-BAS) in building their capacity for maintaining and popularizing their natural collections by becoming Data Providers with the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF).


The objective will be achieved by carrying out a pilot digitization of selected sections of the three natural collections and elaboration and establishment of data management system according to the requirements of GBIF’s DIGIT and ECAT programs.

Expected outcomes

The final outcome of the project will be that the institutions will become capable of carrying out all required activities for digitization, electronic cataloguing, and management of their natural collections and will join as Data Providers with the GBIF network. Thus opportunities for data exchange between similar collections in the country and abroad will be provided. Another benefit will arise for the users of these collections at local level.

Project proposal

The project proposal gives details of the design and planning of the project. It includes a description of the project purpose, justification, discusses methodological aspects, expected results, activities, cost-estimation, staffing, and information about the involved organisations.

Fund raising

Currently a fund-raising campaign is taking place for providing the financial resources necessary to put the initiative in practice.

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