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Business and biodiversity :: Transport and energy

The transport and energy sectors have significant impact on the environment and particularly on the biodiversity. Therefore we pay special attention on the policies and practices for the integration of biodiversity agenda into these sectors.

Workshop "Transport and Biodiversity"

The workshop is organized by Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation and took place on 06 December 2005 in hotel Central, Sofia. 

  • Review of the issues related to construction of transport infrastructure and ensuring the biodiversity conservation, including the defragmentation of natural habitats;

  • Drawing the attention of the responsible institutions on the integration of biodiversity conservation into the transport sector and ensure a discussion platform for projects and ideas;

  • Presentation of the biodiversity conservation principles for the planning and construction of transport infrastructure within and outside Natura 2000/ Emerald sites, including the presentation Best practices guide for the biodiversity conservation and transport, as well as the guidance documents of the European communities for habitat defragmentation;

  • Discussion of case studies – for natural habitat and priority species;

  • Review of European and Bulgarian legislation concerning this topic;

  • Shearing Bulgarian and Swiss experience in nature conservation and transport infrastructure planning;

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