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Business and biodiversity :: Sustainable forestry

The conservation and sustainable use of forest ecosystems and forest biodiversity are critical components of the sustainable development. Billions people depend on forests for their livelihoods, while wood is the main household energy source for heating and cooking of many of the world''s poorest communities.
Wise management of forest resources is therefore central to sustainable development with forests providing resources for livelihoods, sustenance, trade, medicines and industrial development.
Forest ecosystems provide environmental services, including watershed and coastal protection that reduce human vulnerability to natural hazards such as drought, floods and hurricanes. Forests also provide benefits of global value such as carbon storage and sequestration, nutrient cycling and biodiversity conservation.
These vital environmental services are important to local communities as well as the global community.

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Additional information on biodiversity resources and the role of the national institutions for their management and conservation could be found at BIODIVERSITY IN BULGARIA.


IUCN Forest Conservation Programme

The IUCN Forest Conservation Programme actively engages with governments, local communities, non-governmental organisations and the private sector around the world to improve forest conservation and management on the ground. Through its field research, project implementation, policy development and advocacy work at the national, regional and intergovernmental levels, the Programme promotes innovative approaches to create opportunities for positive change.

Use of natural resources in Bulgarian nature parks

The official website of Bulgarian Nature Parks is www.bg-parks.net

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