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Biodivervity in Bulgaria :: BD and forestry

According to the vision for the development of the forest sector “the Bulgarian forest is of national value. The forest ecosystem resources preserve their ecological, social and economic functions in order to improve the quality of life of the people. The forests are managed profesionally by a stable forest sector with guaranteed wide support of the society, and mutual respect and integration of the interests of all stakeholders” (National Forest Policy and Strategy).

The objectives of the National Forest Policy and Strategy, as the main document providing guidelines for development of the forest sector in Bulgaria, are:

- Multifunctional managing of the forests and sustainable development of economically effective forest sector;

- Conforming the aims and instruments of forest sector sustainable development to the international criteria and signed agreements;

- Creating possibilities for future national and international funding in support of the sector development.

The institutions and organizations, in charge of carrying out the national policy in the field of forestry and biodiversity, along with the programs and projects of national importance are listed below.

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

National Forestry Board is a structure of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, based in Sofia. NFB applies the state policy in the field of forestry, hunting and non-industry fishing.

Bulgaria- Forest Development Project

In collaboration with the World Bank (WB), the Government of Bulgaria and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests (MAF) have agreed a Forestry Development Project (FDP) for Bulgaria’s forest sector. The Project Development Objective is to increase the contribution of forests to the national economy and to the benefit of rural populations through sustainable management of state, private and communal forests.

The Global Development Objective is to improve conservation of forest ecosystems through mainstreaming biodiversity into forest management, and through improved conservation of critical ecosystems. The Project has five components and implementation is planned for the period 2004-2010.

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Additional information on biodiversity resources and their sustainable use is provided by

Biodiversity and Business Information Node .

National Forest Policy and Strategy

The National Forest Policy and Strategy is based on a number of world-recognized principles adopted by FAO, IPF/IFF and MCPFE. The over-riding principles are: wide participation of stakeholders, inter-sectoral approach, conformity with the national legislation, integration with the National Plan for Economic Development, agreement with international engagements, initiatives and conventions related forests, partnership in implementation and, increasing public awareness.

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