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Biodivervity in Bulgaria :: Protected areas


One of the most important methods for preservation of the biodiversity is the protection of ecosystems and the habitats. Legislative and administrative mechanisms targeting this, used on both the international and national level, are diverse and the declaring of protected areas is one of them.
In Bulgaria the declaring and management of protected areas is regulated by The Protected Areas Act (1998).


Bulgarian National Parks

Bulgarian National Parks official website provides contact details of the National Park Directorates, as well as up-to-date news and additional information. This information includes description of the policy, administrative structure, tourism and recreation opportunities and perspectives for local and national sustainable development on the basis of the parks. The three national parks in Bulgaria are “Rila", “Pirin", and “Central Balkan".

The following sources provide access to information and documents related to the management of the national parks:

Central Balkan National Park- management, Management plan, annual plan

Rila National Park- management, Management plan, Annual Action Plan

Pirin National Park- management

Bulgarian Park Association

Parks in Bulgaria

The web site provides information about the nature and national parks in Bulgaria. The information is organized under the following topics: general information, abiotic factors, flora, fauna, cultural heritage, about the tourists, contacts, gallery, and map of the park.

Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds

Important Bird Areas


The Bulgarian Important Bird Areas database, developed and maintained by the BSPB, includes a list of all IBA in the country with detailed description of each site, its geographic coordinates, criteria for selection, conservation status according to the Bulgarian legislation and international agreements etc. Of special interest is the list of bird species, observed at certain IBA, with their conservation status and existing threats.  

“Green Bulgaria" Association and Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation

Dragonflies in Bulgaria- the web site offers scientific data along with facts and events, which are attractive for everybody interested in the nature. A list of dragonfly species in Bulgaria is included, accompanied by photographs of each species. A Red List of dragonflies is also available. The web site is aimed at outlining the priorities of scientific research in this area such as precise species or subspecies identification, distribution in the country, proofs for reproduction over certain territories, ecological characteristics etc. An overview of the odonatology history in Bulgaria is presented along with detailed reference list. 

 Author: Milen Marinov

Protected areas promoted at international level

by conventions and other pieces of international legislation and the European Union “aquis communitaire"


The evolvement of the concept for protected areas has made it clear that their role for the conservation of biodiversity and natural resources will be more successful if the joint efforts of many countries are applied and the international cooperation is promoted.


Here a description of international conventions, ratified by Bulgaria and of the European Union directives is provided. The description includes list of main documents (with links to their texts), contact information about the applying or coordinating bodies at national and international level, criteria for selection, and specifics of the protected areas under consideration. The areas designated in Bulgaria and included in the international lists are also mentioned with provided additional sources of information about them.

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