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CHM services :: The portal

Bulgarian CHM portal web site offers a wide range of services for access, use and exchange of information in the field of biodiversity. This has become possible through the technologies used, usability principles and Content Management System.
Some of the main characteristics of CHM Portal web site, which provide for information availability and services and for data exchange at international level are described below.
A full list and description of the services of Bulgarian CHM is available at BULGARIAN CHM GUIDE.

Portal web site

Bulgarian CHM portal web site is an Internet site elaborated in accordance with the main principles of information web architecture and usability- easy and comfortable use. Content Management System is used for managing the content. This System has been developed for the needs of the Internet site.

As part of the portal web site an application has been created which generates meta-data for the information published. The most advanced technologies providing inter-operability at international level are used. Following the coordination with Convention Secretariat, a scheme has been developed for indexing and exchange of Portal site meta data. Thus two of the priority tasks of CHM, namely national and international cooperation and exchange of information have been implemented. 

web address: http://chm.moew.government.bg/

Bulgarian CHM development

Web-site, offering additional information on the process of development of the Bulgarian Biodiversity Clearing – House Mechanism. Contents references to: principles, structure, content, technologies, interoperability of the information, contacts.

web address: /chm/files/web/file/chmcontent/index.htm

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