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The information presented reflects the civil society positions expressed by associations or non-governmental organizations in regard to nature and biodiversity conservation in Bulgaria.

The Kresna Gorge

The Kresna gorge is located in the middle stream of the Struma river and is a territory of high conservation, recreation and educational value. The site is determined as a CORINE site by the experts of the Ministry of the Environment and Water. The Tissata Nature Reserve is also situated in this area. The planned motorway through the gorge will inevitably cut through the reserve s buffer zone. The passing of a motorway through the Kresna gorge and the towns of Kresna and Simitli will cause considerable damage to the biodiversity and shall worsen the social situation of the region.



Pirin National Park

The unique nature of one of the most majestic mountains on the Balkan peninsula is preserved in the Pirin National Park. Since 1983 the park has been inscribed in the list of UNESCO s Convention on the Preservation of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage. In this way, Bulgaria carries the responsibility for preserving the living heritage of the mountain.

In violation of this high national and international status the construction of new ski runs and facilities in the heart of Northern Pirin begun. Their construction and use will destroy habitats and will negatively influence rare and threatened species, including species protected by the Bern Convention and included in the IUCN’s Red List.SAVE PIRIN Campaign 

Farming for Life

Farming for Life is the campaign that Birdlife International uses to appeal to the EU institutions to support a sustainable farming system to preserve the natural resources and to give a chance of survival to the endangered bird species of the European farmlands.

Farming for Life


"Bulgaria - free zone from GMO" Campaign

Information and news on the problem


Laws FOR the nature: a campaign for better nature legislation

The campaign is initiated because of the proposed amendments to the Bulgarian Acts on Biodiversity and Protected Areas. The draft legislation that has been introduced in the Bulgarian Parliament at the end of 2004 to amend the Bulgarian Acts on Biodiversity and Protected Areas is a serious threat for Bulgaria’s rich store of natural heritage. The proposed changes might provide opportunities for construction, privatisation and exclusion of territories from protected areas in the country as well as considerable limitation of the scope of the EU’s Natura 2000 network. They also would permit restriction of public participation and consultation from the Natura 2000 site designation and amendment processes.


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