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Business and biodiversity :: Projects and programs

The present section presents projects and programs, active in the domain of support of sustainable business practices.


The Center for Environmental Leadership in Business (at Conservation International)

Conservation International and Ford Motor Company have created the Center for Environmental Leadership in Business to engage the private sector worldwide in creating solutions to critical environmental problems.

The Center for Environmental Leadership in Business provides a new forum for promoting collaborative business practices that reduce industry's ecological footprint, contribute to conservation efforts, and create economic value for the companies that adopt them. The result is a net benefit for both the global environment and participating companies.

The Center engages industries that have the greatest impact on the world critical ecosystems and those with the greatest potential to promote positive environmental change. These industries include agriculture, fisheries, forestry, energy, mining, travel and leisure, transportation, manufacturing, and financial services.


IUCN Business Unit

The IUCN Business Unit was established in 2001. It grew out of the IUCN Economics Unit, hence a lot of the material posted on this site makes reference to the former Economics Unit.

For more information on the Biodiversity and business initiatives - http://www.iucn.org/themes/business/Private/index.htm

The Business & Biodiversity Collection

This site explores the economic dimensions of the global biodiversity agenda as reflected in the work of IUCN and the various biodiversity conventions, notably the Convention on Biological Diversity. We hope that the Library is useful to the broader biodiversity community including environmental policy makers, natural resource managers and users, scientists and scholars, and conservation advocates.

The Business & Biodiversity Collection

CBD - article 11
In Article 11 of the Convention, the international community acknowledged the importance of incentive measures in achieving the conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity.
Project Sustainable Rural Development
The “Sustainable Rural Development" project promotes the local development of eleven Bulgarian municipalities – Trun, Vurshets, Belitsa, Gurmen, Yakoruda, Satovcha, Ardino, Kirkovo, Topolovgrad, Ivailovgrad, Madjarovo - through support for activities in several key areas: - Sustainable agriculture; - Sustainable forestry; - Alternative tourism; - Involvement of local stakeholders in strategic planning; - Jobs creation;
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