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Business and biodiversity :: Institutions and organizations

The present section provides information about state institutions, branch associations and business organizations, active in the encouragement of small and medium enterprises, including the pro-biodiversity businesses.

Branch Chamber of Woodworking and Furniture Industry in Bulgaria (BCWFI)
The Branch Chamber of Woodworking and Furniture Industry in Bulgaria (BCWFI) is established in 1993, but the actual activities have started since the beginning of 2000. BCWFI consolidates the major Bulgarian Woodworking and Furniture producers, as well as many suppliers of elements and equipment. In this case the main activity of the Chamber is to represent enterprises in the branch, at national and international level. BCWFIB has rights to vote for passing lows and instructions in the branch, import and export trade regulations, to be a party in negotiations with government and labor unions.
Ministry of Economy and Energy of the Republic of Bulgaria
The official web site of MEE contains useful information for the entrepreneurs – legislative framework, strategies, finished and ongoing programs and projects for support of SME, links to branch associations and articles.
Agency for Small and Medium Enterprises

Main activities of the agency are:

  • Information services

  • Consultative services

  • Encouragement of the innovations and technological development

  • Participation in international fairs

  • International cooperation and development projects

  • The website of the agency contains information about projects, programmes, funding sources, legislative framework, fortcoming events and trainings, as well as a library.

    Bulgarian Industrial Chamber
    Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

    The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (established in 1895) is a non-governmental public organization that supports, promotes, and represents the interests of its members, and makes for the development of the international economic cooperation. It is based on the principles of voluntary membership, autonomy and self-financing. BCCI aims at establishing of ethic business relations. BCCI structure includes Regional Chambers of Commerce in the country

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