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Business and biodiversity :: Institutions and organizations

The present section provides information about state institutions, branch associations and business organizations, active in the encouragement of small and medium enterprises, including the pro-biodiversity businesses.

Euro Info Centres

Created under the aegis of the European Commission in 1987, the Euro Info Centres /EIC/ currently form a network of 283 contact points providing information and assistance to SMEs. Co-ordinator for the EIC Network is Directorate General Enterprise of the EC.

The activity of this network was confirmed by the Third Multi-annual Programme for SMEs in the European Union (1997-2000), which was adopted by the Council on 9th December, 1996. In the process of realization of the Programme, was launched an extension of the EIC network to the Central and Eastern European Countries. Its further development will be under the Four
Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum

The Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum is the business association in Bulgaria promoting the values of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

National Branch Union of Beekeepers
The union involves individuals and enterprises from the entire branch – beekeepers, producers of honey and other bee-products, trade companies, veterinary and disease experts, api-therapists, producers of beekeeper equipment, scientists. The union is a member of the international association of beekeepers – APIMONDIA.
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