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Internet offers incredible possibilities for access to education materials: books, manuals, guide-books, information about university education and postgraduate training, teachers’ manuals, etc.

Below you could explore and download some of them. If you are aware of other similar sources and would like to have them included in this page, please, contact us at е-mail: chmbg@moew.government.bg

BirdLife European Task Force: HOW MUCH, HOW TO? – Practical Tools for Forest Conservation

Authors: Ilkka Hanski, Marcus Walsh; 2004


European Forest Task Force coordinates the efforts towards forest conservation, forest protection and sustainable commercial forest management; provides information and training; and raises funds for programmes to help protect Europe’s biologically most valuable forests.

The current publication of European Forest Task Force contains two surveys: An Ecological Assessment of the Need for Forest Protection in Northern and Central Europe, by Ilkka Hanski and From How Much to How To – An Implementation Strategy for Forest Conservation by Marcus Walsh. Glossary of Forest Conservation and Forestry Terms is provided as appendix.


HOW MUCH, HOW TO? – Practical Tools for Forest Conservation (PDF file)

Earth Conservation Toolbox

A website designed to summarise information on tools for implementing the ecosystem approach. This is a multi-organisational initiative building an open-access database of tools and methodologies to help field programmes, governments and others implement the ecosystem approach.

On-line textbook on forest genetics

This on-line textbook on forest genetics covers the basic theory of traits that are influenced by many genes (quantitative traits) and are important for the adaptation of trees to their environment. Height, frost hardiness, and budburst are examples of such adaptive traits. Other topics are evolution, forest tree breeding and approaches to the conservation of tree species based on knowledge of their genetic variation.The target groups are undergraduate students, and graduate students with limited knowledge of forest genetics.

The authors are Professor Emeritus Gцsta Eriksson, associate professor Inger Ekberg and associate professor David Clapham at the Department of Plant Biology and Forest Genetics, SLU, Uppsala.

http://www2. vbsg.slu. se/forgen/

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