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Bulgarian CHM portal web site offers a wide range of services for access, use and exchange of information in the field of biodiversity. Such opportunities are provided as well by the web sites of key institutions and organizations working in the field of biodiversity in the country. They are organized as “information nodes” of CHM.

Currently nine information nodes have been functioning through which the Bulgarian CHM information is gathered, processed and structured. These are National Nature Protection Service- MOEW; Agro-ecology - MAF; National Forestry Board- MAF; Environmental Education; Non-governmental organizations; Sofia University; Park Node; BULBIONET- Bulgarian Academy of Science; Executive Environmental Agency. The web site of each Information Node is presented below.

A full list and description of the services of Bulgarian CHM is available at BULGARIAN CHM GUIDE.

Web site of the Bulgarian EXECUTIVE ENVIRONMENT AGENCY Information Node

The web site provides information about the activities on biodiversity and protected areas in Bulgaria, performed by the Executive Environment Agency. Thus the information services offered by this node include a description of the projects and programs related to biodiversity and protected area monitoring along with free access to Protected Areas Database, maintained by the Bulgarian EEA.


Executive Environment Agency Information Node: http://eea.government.bg/en


Protected Areas Web Application: http://eea.government.bg/zpo/index.jsp (in Bulgarian)


Web site of the AGROECOLOGY DEPARTMENT at the Ministry of Agriculture and Foods

The web site offers general information about the institution, description of the measures related to development of environmentally friendly agricultural practices and activities. Access to the National Agrienvironment Program document along with summarized description of its goals is also provided.

The web site is developed on the basis of a Content Management System.

web address: http://chm.moew.government.bg/indexDetailsE.cfm?vID=69&vPage=1


The web site of the Centre for Education, Culture and Ecology - Centre 21, Varna is to serve the Nature Conservation Education Node at the Bulgarian CHM. The web site includes information about normative documents, ecological education networks and programs, projects, environment - friendly oriented education editions, a calendar, a feedback etc.

The web site uses a Content Management System.

web address: http://www.reednetbg.com/


The development of the site of the Information Node was enabled within in the frames of the project Development of the Information Network for the biological diversity of the Republic of Bulgaria – BULBIONET, funded by the NTEF. The project implementation phase envisages processing, recording and systemizing of the available information about the Bulgarian flora and fauna, its periodical updating and installing of specialized information network BULBIONET, providing internet access to the data about Bulgarian biological diversity. The project is viewed as pilot phase of a program for the establishment of a scientific information structure for preservation of the biological diversity in Bulgaria.

web address: http://www.bulbionet.org

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