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Funding oportunities :: In Bulgaria

Funding opportunities for supporting nature and biodiversity conservation activities in Bulgaria are provided by a wide range of organizations and institutions both in Bulgaria and at international level. European Union Funds, Bulgarian Ministry of Environment and Water Funds, as well as some international organizations such as United Nations programmes and Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe are among the above-mentioned options. Detailed description of these opportunities which includes contact information and web-site addresses is presented in this part of Bulgarian CHM Portal.




In the framework of the Bulgarian-Swiss cooperation a consortium consisting of InnovaBridge Foundation Switzerland, Neosys Ltd. Switzerland, and Balkan Institute for Labour and Social Policy (BILSP) has been mandated by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) to act as the Swiss Intermediate Body (SIB) to manage the Thematic Funds „Reform Fund linked to Civil Society Participation“ (TF CSP) and „Partnership and Expert Fund“ (TF PEF). The first targets Bulgarian NGOs, the second promotes partnerships between Bulgarian and Swiss entities.

In 2013 Association ALA’s project “Contact Parent” was approved for funding from the “Fund for reforms related to the participation of civil society”. The total project budget is 51 621.08BGN and it will be implemented for a period of 2 years.



Grants for local projects is a programme of the government of Japan for which notes were exchanged between the Bulgarian and the Japanese authorities on February 17, 1998. The assistance consists in allocation of funding for projects aiming at social and economic development. The possible beneficiaries of these grants include non-governmental organizations, schools, research institutions, medical institutes and the local authorities.

The grants are allocated for projects in the following fields: agriculture, forestry board and water management, crafts, vocational training, education, public health, regional development, construction of water supply and sanitation facilities, support for the lowest income circles and other social activities, aid for refugees, regional measures for preservation of environment, humanitarian aid in natural disaster cases. Possible recipients are the non-governmental organizations and the local government authorities. The maximum amount of the grants comes to $ US 50,000.


The National Council for Scientific Research (NCSR) is a supportive and consultative body of Ministry of Education and Science. The NCSR finances and supports implementation of scientific research, evaluates and results thereby obtained, organizes and promotes international collaboration. For the period of its existence NCSR considerably extended its international contacts, participation in international projects. Serious work has been performed, related to the enhancement of the internal rules and the documentation of the Fund.

Since 2002 NCSR is a member of the European Science Foundation.


The mission of the Ministry of Environment and Water is to preserve the natural heritage of Bulgaria and to ensure a healthy environment for the population. This mission could be only fulfilled with the strong support and partnership of the other governmental institutions, local authorities and the public - the non-governmental organizations, business, academic circles, with the active participation of every one of us...

Ministry of Environment and Water1000 Sofia67, William Gladstone Str.tel.: 940 60 00e-mail: feedback@moew.government.bg

- National Environmental Fund


National Trust Ecofund manage funds provided under debt-for-nature and debt-for-environment swaps, as well as funds provided under other types of agreements with international, foreign or Bulgarian sources aimed at environmental protection in the Republic of Bulgaria.

Priority areas: Clean up of past pollution:- hazardous waste and hazardous substances disposal;- sources of drinking water or food contamination (by heavy metals, toxic organic compounds or other harmful chemicals);Reduction of air pollution:- pollutants of health concern: particulate matter, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, lead and other toxic chemicals in urban areas, and- green-house gases: carbon dioxide, methane, CFCs.Clean water protection:- municipal and industrial waste water treatment plants in the Danube watershed;- municipal and industrial waste water treatment plants in the Black sea watershed.Protection of biodiversity:- development of infrastructure in protected areas for species protection and habitat preservation, and- biodiversity inventory and monitoring and sustainable utilization of components for creating social alternatives.

National Trust EcoFund

67 B, Shipchenski prohod Blvd. 1574 Sofia, Bulgaria

tel: (359 2) 973 36 37, 973 38 16

fax: (359 2) 973 38 18

e-mail: ecofund@ecofund-bg.org

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