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Funding oportunities :: In Bulgaria

Funding opportunities for supporting nature and biodiversity conservation activities in Bulgaria are provided by a wide range of organizations and institutions both in Bulgaria and at international level. European Union Funds, Bulgarian Ministry of Environment and Water Funds, as well as some international organizations such as United Nations programmes and Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe are among the above-mentioned options. Detailed description of these opportunities which includes contact information and web-site addresses is presented in this part of Bulgarian CHM Portal.


The GEF Small Grants Programme (SGP) was launched in 1992 to provide support for community-level initiatives that contribute to conserving global biodiversity, mitigating climate change, protecting international waters, reducing impacts of persistent organic pollutants and preventing land degradation while generating sustainable livelihoods. In 2005 the National SGP for Bulgaria was launched. 


You can find more information at: http://sgp.undp.org/ and

http://www.sgp-bulgaria.org (GEF SGP in Bulgaria)



The programme on development of alternative agriculture in the Rhodopes has been developed to support the sustainable development of the region. The Ministry of Agriculture and Forest has initiated and implements the programme. The objective of the programme is to restore the traditional and develop alternative agriculture, ensuring in this way larger employment and generating higher income for the population of the region.

The scope of the Rhodopes programme includes the geographic boundaries of the territories of the Rhodopean massif – the municipalities of predominating mountain relief of Haskovo, Kurdjaly and Smolyan Districts, as well as the mountainous sections of Plovdiv and Pazardjik regions, the valley of Mesta River with similar soil-climatic and agro-ecologic conditions – the regions of Gotse Deltchev, Razlog, Yakoruda to Velingrad and Belovo. The time period of operation of the programme is between the years 2003 and 2005. The funds needed for implementing the planned measures for the whole period of operation of the programme come to BGN 48 millions. Different sources will be approached to accumulate these funds: State Agriculture Fund, SAPARD Programme, National Environmental Fund, international programs and projects. For the year 2003 BGN 10 millions were allocated for the Rhodopes Programme from the budget of the State Agriculture Fund. Of them BGN 2 millions for subsidies and BGN 8 millions will be disseminated as targeted credits.

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